Aviation Investigative Services

Polaris Investigations has over 21 years experience in military and civil aviation including 10 years with the Federal Aviation Administration as an investigator

When it comes to investigations, we can support you in:

  • Aviation-related investigations

  • Non-aviation related investigations using aviation data and information

  • Working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  • Working with Law Enforcement as an Aviation Expert

What Can We Do For You?

  • Locating Aircraft Assets

  • Locating Airmen (pilots)

  • Locating Aircraft Owners
  • Aircraft Ownership History
  • Aircraft Registration History
  • U.S. Flight Histories
  • Trust Matters*
  • Due Diligence Matters
  • FAA Registry Data Interpretation
  • FAA Certification Information
  • Theft of Aircraft or Parts
  • Falsified Certificates & Validation
  • Federal Aviation Regulations (Title 14 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations)*


Polaris Investigations has extensive expertise in and understanding of aviation information.  We can support your investigative needs with:
*-Always consult aviation legal counsel on matters pertaining to legal proceedings or statutory interpretation
Due to Conflict of Interest restrictions, Polaris Investigations cannot support any matter in which FAA is a party.

Aviation Data to Support Non-Aviation Investigations

Polaris Investigations can use our expertise in and understanding of aviation information to provide information that can support your non-aviation investigations.  FAA registration information, flight data, aircraft ownership and licensing data is often publicly available and could be useful to support your investigation for:
  • Locating Subject
  • Location Assets (not just aircraft!)

  • Address & DOB Verification or History

  • Travel History

  • Establishing Net Worth

  • Trusts and Due Diligence

Aircraft Flight Tracking and Location Services

Polaris Investigations has years of experience and access to aircraft tracking databases to assist in locating an aircraft of interest to you.

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Polaris Investigations is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-certified Service-disabled, Veteran-owned Small Business.

We Proudly support Veterans,

Law Enforcement & First Responders!

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Background image of FAA Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV "Spirit of America, N1, taken by Rick Charles, June 2017.

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